Between The Leaves: Conferences and Offline Resources

Amy Johnson Crow, Juliana Smith, Crista Cowan and myself got together to talk about some of our favorite conference memories and places to research: Conferences and Offline Resources


Is there something you’d like to hear us talk about?


2 comments on “Between The Leaves: Conferences and Offline Resources”
  1. How do I find a great grandfather from Norway who landed in New York and then disappeared ‘from the face of the earth’? No one in the family ever heard from him again. He either died as soon as he got here or changed his name because he didn’t want to be found. There are reasons to believe that could be true.

    I would really like to find something about him to confirm that he was a man of good intentions but he died or that he was a scroundrel. Can you help me?

  2. I have really enjoyed your first two episodes. I’m looking forward to the next ones, whatever topics you choose.

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