Presenting Your Story: Everything I Know About Hyman Victor

Teasing the story out of the records is half the battle.  Presenting the story so it is interesting, well that is something else.

I love this particular example: Everything I know About Hyman Victor (a link from Elliot Malkin’s site

Each piece of evidence, each record is presented as Exhibit.  Each Exhibit has a picture or image and a description that helps the reader understand the image and a bit more about Hyman Victor.

I love its simple yet powerful presentation.  It is compelling.  And it has the ability to be updated easily.  Find a new document?  It’s easy to add.

If you are looking for inspiration on how to tell the story of your ancestor’s, look to see what others have done.  Inspiration is everywhere.


3 comments on “Presenting Your Story: Everything I Know About Hyman Victor”
  1. Susan D. says:

    I very much like your approach in concetrating on the stories gleaned from the records. I look forward to reading more postings and getting tips for improving my own writing.

    1. I’m always looking for ways to improve my writing. I decided that the best way to get better is practice.

  2. Hi Anne, Thanks for linking to my site! Check out my latest piece called My Name is Zalman Malkin: Best, Elliott

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