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Halloween, Zombies, and Death Records. It’s Follow Friday!

What I Found Interesting This Week Zombie Apocalypse 2013 Grandma’s Experiences Leave a Mark on Your Genes A Scary Cemetery Story All Hallow’s Eve Reading and Digesting Complex Terms: Making a flow chart for MGP Halloween’s toll Hundred-Year-Old Halloween Party Invitiations The Scoundrels in Our Families are Often More Interesting When you realize that you really didn’t read that […]

Moonshine, Civil War, Newspapers and an Assassin. It’s Follow Friday!

What I’ve been reading and writing this week.  Enjoy! Philippina’s Choice from The Legal Genealogist This may be why your Civil War ancestor lost an arm or leg from Poore Boys in Gray Researching Newspapers for Genealogy for Free from The Ancestor Hunt You Don’t Always Have To Be There: Is That a Problem? from […]

Treasure Chest Thursday — Sourcing Presentations

I don’t know if these are treasures, but these are the PDF’s of the sourcing presentations I’ve done for Ancestry.com Citing Your Sources, Part 1  (live presentation on livestream) Citing Your Sources, Part 2  (live presentation on livestream) Happy Sourcing!

Citing Your Sources Can Be Fun!

OK, I don’t know if I made it seem fun, but hopefully I did explain it enough to motivate people to try! The presentation is at: Citing Your Sources Can Be Fun on livestream.

Tuesday’s Tip — Ask Ancestry Anne’s Top 20 Search Tips

I posted a series of Search Tips specific to Ancestry.com and thought that they might be worth rehashing here.  Here are my top 20 search tips: Shaky Leaves — Ancestry.com will do searches for you Place Pages — 30,000+ data collections organized by country, state and county.  Great way to find data collections you may […]


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