Family Mysteries

Treasure Chest Thursday — The Gillespie Family Bible

There are quite a few pages in the Gillespie Family Bible that are interesting, but I used this one in a presentation today, so I thought it worth talking about here. The bible was printed in 1857.  I love all of the subtraction statements.  Why are they there? 1861 was obviously an important year, the […]

Sorting Saturday: A Research Plan for the Samuel J Campbell Deed

This is more of a mental sorting, rather than a physical sorting.  Sometimes it’s hard to find a blog queue that fits what you want to write about! So, I published the documents and the transcription for the Samuel J Campbell to William A Anderson deed.   On to the research plan. What do I know? […]

Treasure Chest Thursday — The Mysterious Samuel J Campbell Deed

Update: I found I had the images out of order and that what was Page 6 continues the dowry release.  It is all reasonably ordered now. My grandfather, Gilbert Gillespie, told my father that this deed was the key to everything.  My dad thought thought it had something to do with the theory that we […]


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