Wisdom Wednesday

What Dog Shows Can Teach Us About Searching For Our Ancestors. Wisdom Wednesday.

Dog shows?  I know you are thinking that I’ve lost it.  Or maybe I’m looking for an excuse to post a picture of my dog. (Guilty!) But I was watching the Westminster Dog Show a week or so back and it hit me.  The way a dog show is judged is pretty smart and efficient.  […]

Would We All Be Better Genealogists if We Just Got Rid of Trees? Wisdom Wednesday

Oh, I’m serious.  Think of a world where you do genealogy without every creating a family tree. No tree on Ancestry.com or in Family Tree Maker or whatever your most beloved software or online source is.  Nope.  Never. Trees are Boring. Have you ever tried showing a family tree to someone in your family?  What […]

Read. Plan. Don’t Obsess. Wisdom Wednesday

So while I was at SLIG 2013 (Salt Lake Institute), I had a chance to ask a few CG’s (Certified Genealogist) including Stefanie Evans and Craig Scott, if they had any advice for a CG hopeful such as myself. In summary, here is what I heard, and it makes sense: Read the Instructions.  Well, of […]

What is that one best piece of evidence that you have? Wisdom Wednesday

So why would you need to write a summary of the basic vital facts about a person? Case in point, Laura Cecile Donald Gillespie: Laura Cecile Donald was born on 13 February 1877 in Rockbridge County, Virginia, and died 23 August 1864 in Rockbridge County, Virginia.1 On 24 January, 1894 in Rockbridge County, Virginia, Laura […]

Wisdom Wednesday — Review Your Work and Why Sources are Important When You Have Conflicting Evidence

I’ve probably been at this about 10 years, give or take, and I’ve been a lot more serious about it in the last couple of years.   I made a vow to go back and review and fix all of my sources and I started with my paternal grandfather’s line.  Slow work, but I am making […]

Wisdom Wednesday — Sure it’s fun and addictive, but it’s not all that easy

So I’ve be blogging for a few months now and it has indeed been a lot of fun.  I spent the last couple of days thinking about what kind of posts have gotten some of the best responses. Posts that have a story associated with them.  Can be small snippet of a story of lengthy […]

Wisdom Wednesday — The World is a Limitless Place

I am a perpetual student because the world is a limitless place. — Elissa Scalise Powell I had the honor of being in Elissa’s class when I was a student in the Boston University Online Certificate program.  She was inspiring then, and in a recent post on APG mailing list, she delivered the above gem.  […]


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