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Tuesday’s Tip: Public Profiler Worldnames

OK, I don’t know if this is going to break down any of your brick walls, but if you are like me, it was fun to play with. I started on Public Profiler Worldnames and entered my maiden name Gillespie. This is the distribution of the name across the world.  Well at least in the countries … Continue reading

Tuesday’s Tip — Stop Searching, Start Analyzing

I’ve been on Vacation, a girl’s weekend in New Orleans.  So I’ve been away from my blog.  Good weekend!  New Orleans is an amazing town. So I’ve been working on my Sources.  I really thought this was going to be tiresome, but it’s not.  I’m actually slowing down and looking at the images.  And rethinking … Continue reading

Tuesday’s Tip — Ancestry Magazine on Google Books

Although it’s no longer being published, you can still access copies of Ancestry Magazine on Google Books. Starting with the first issues in 1994: Up until the last issues in 2010: There are all sorts of great articles in here.  And it’s all free!